Riga III Greenhouse Summer Sale


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Sale Ends July 1st.

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Riga III greenhouse    Summer Sale ends July 1st.

Size: 102 sq.ft. 9’8″W x 10’6″‘L x 7’7″H

1-Large barn style door with lock

1-Large rear wall window

1-Roof window with automatic opener.

The polycarbonate glazing on the Riga Greenhouse is German made and believed to be of superior quality then the much more common Polygal or GE glazing.

RIGA Greenhouse units are available in 11 sizes.

Available Options/accessories/extras

Foundation Frame: This optional 6” high foundation frame can be buried in a trench to easily and securely anchor the greenhouse. This is a great option if other anchoring methods, such as concrete, are not desired.

Grow Kit:  Foundation frame, top and bottom shelfs. (retail $1,849.00)

Top shelf  and Bottom Seedbed shelf are available with strong diagonal support braces – can hold a 160 pound man!

This customer built a 8″ footer (no foundation frame needed). Customer anchored down to the cement. Thank you Chicago, IL.

Additional Top shelf 10″W x 10’4″L. Seedbed 25″W x 10’4″L(Retail $ 750.00)

Thank you Sedona, Az.

Additional Roof Windows(retail $299.99) with Automatic Openers($99.99) recommended in areas where temperatures will reach over 95º F when still using the greenhouse.

This Riga III can get up to 2 more roof window if needed, for a total of 3-roof windows


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